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Best Online Grocery Supermarket India

We aim to be the most competitive and  productive service organization in the world.

 Our core competencies in testing , certification , training , auditing , raw material supplies for food and nutrition industry and manufacturing are being continuously improved to be best in class.


Our chosen markets are and will be determined by our ability to be the most competitive and to consistently deliver unbeatable service to our customers at competition prices with best quality in global market.


Our customers rely on our independent third-party inspection, testing and auditing solutions to ensure products, services and processes comply with the latest quality standards. Our global network of state-of-the-art facilities provides information to certify and verify quality worldwide.


Compliance with the requirements of target markets is key to increasing speed to market. Our consultancy, testing and certification services help our customers overcome the complex challenges of understanding and meeting market demands anywhere in the world, whatever the industry or sector.


We help our customers take ownership of building a more responsible and sustainable future. We encourage environmental responsibility and reduce the risk of contamination to our products .

Our services assist in developing sustainable facilities and production, as well as better working and social environments.


We help organizations develop effective health and safety systems to protect employees, generate consumer confidence and enhance trust in business operations. We support our customers in adhering to best practices and complying with local, national and international regulations and developing global market strategies.